Intuitionistic Modal Logics and Applications Workshop (IMLA'11)

25 July, 2011

Nancy, France

A 14th Congress of Logic, Methdology and Philosophy of Science affiliated workshop

Constructive modal logics and type theories are of increasing foundational and practical relevance in computer science and in logic. Applications are in type disciplines for programming languages, and meta-logics for reasoning about a variety of computational phenomena.

Theoretical and methodological issues center around the question of how the proof-theoretic strengths of constructive logics can best be combined with the model-theoretic strengths of modal logics. Practical issues center around the question which modal connectives with associated laws or proof rules capture computational phenomena accurately and at the right level of abstraction.

The workshop continues a series of previous workshops which were held as part of FLoC1999, Trento, Italy, of FLoC2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, part of LiCS2005, Chicago, USA and LiCS2008, Pittsburgh, USA.

Publication Plans

It is planned to publish workshop proceedings as Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS) or in CEURS, to be decided. Authors please use the generic ENTCS macro package at We strongly prefer papers under 10 pages long, excluding appendices.

Invited speakers

Invited speakers include:

Michael Mendler A Simply Typed Calculus for Semantic Knowledge Bases: Curry-Howard for Constructive Modal Logics 

Brian Logan Keeping Track of Reasons for Beliefs

Lutz Strassburger Nested sequent systems for intuitionistic and modal logics

and Luiz Carlos Pereira. On the truth and meaning of constructive modalities

Accepted papers:

Giuseppe Primiero. A multi-modal type theory and its procedural semantics for safe distributed programming            

Robert Simmons and Bernardo Toninho. Constructive Provability Logic.
Newton M. Peron and Marcelo E. Coniglio. A Generalization of Dugundji's Theorem.    

Gianluigi Bellin and Kurt Ranalter. Expectations: On pragmatic interpretations of classical logic in a bi-intuitionistic environment.



8:30-8:45 - introduction Valeria and Natasha
8:45-9:30 INVITED SPEAKER: Michael Mendler
9:30-10:00 contributed paper Robert Simmons/Bernardo Toninho

10:00-10:30 COFFEE BREAK

10:30-11:15 INVITED SPEAKER: Luiz Carlos Pereira
11:15-12:00 INVITED SPEAKER: Brian Logan
12:00-12:30 contributed paper: Gianluigi Bellin

12:30 - 2:15 LUNCH BREAK

2:15 - 3:00 INVITED SPEAKER: Lutz Strassburger
3:00-3:30 contributed paper: Newton M. Peron and Marcelo E. Coniglio
3:30-4:00 contributed paper: Giuseppe Primiero
4:00-4:14  closing remarks Valeria and Natasha

Important Dates

Paper submission: January 31 2011 (extended!) 

Notification: March 1, 2011

Early registration deadline: April 30, 2011

Workshop Date: 25 July 2011

14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science Dates: 19-26 July 2011





Registration is handled centrally for all associated workshops/symposia.

  • The deadline for early registration is April 30 2011.
  • The deadline for late online registration is TBA
  • After TBA you must make special arrangements with the conference organizers to register on-site.



Online registration

Contact Information

Dr. Valeria de Paiva
Dr. Natasha Alechina


Program Committee

Nick Benton (Microsoft, UK)

Natasha Alechina (Nottingham, UK)

Didier Galmiche (Nancy, FR)

Hermann Hausler (PUC-RJ, BR)

Valeria de Paiva (Birmingham, UK)