Third International Workshop on Logics for Resource Bounded Agents (LRBA 2010)

to be held as part of

Multi-Agent Logics, Languages and Organisations – Federated Workshops (MALLOW 2010)

Domaine Valpré in Lyon, France from the 30th of August to the 2nd of September, 2010


Call for Papers

Formal models of knowledge and belief, as well as other attitudes such as desire or intention, have been extensively studied. However, most of the treatments of knowledge and belief make strong assumptions about reasoners. For example, traditional epistemic logic says that agents know all logical consequences of their knowledge. Similarly, logics of action and strategic interaction are usually based on game theoretic models which assume perfect rationality. Models based on such assumptions can be used to describe ideal agents without bounds on resources such as time, memory, etc, but they fail to accurately describe non-ideal agents which are computationally bounded.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for discussing possible solutions to the problem of formally capturing the properties of knowledge, belief, action, etc. of non-idealised resource-bounded agents. We are particularly interested in formal models of agents' limited reasoning and (un)awareness.


Workshop notes for LRBA 2010 containing the accepted papers (and MALLOW 2010 workshop notes) are available.


Provisional Programme

Wednesday 1st September

14:00 Andreas Herzig. Tableaux for logics of MAS (invited talk)
15:00 Hoang Nga Nguyen. An extension of RB-ATL

Thursday 2nd September

09:00 Fernando R. Velazquez-Quesada. Dynamic Epistemic Logic for Implicit and Explicit Beliefs
09:30 Fernando R. Velazquez-Quesada and Fernando Soler-Toscano. Abduction for (non-omniscient) agents
10:00 Susumu Yamasaki. A construction of logic-constrained functions with respect to awareness
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Sujata Ghosh, Ben Meijering and Rineke Verbrugge. Logic meets cognition: empirical reasoning in games
11:30 Natasha Alechina and Brian Logan. Computationally grounded account of belief and awareness for AI agents 
12:00 closing, discussion of postproceedings