Tenth International Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems

ProMAS'12 is a satellite workshop at AAMAS 2012, Valencia, Spain, 5 June 2012

Over the last decade, the ProMAS workshop series has provided a key venue for state-of-the-art research in programming languages and tools for the development of multi-agent systems. With the increasing commercial application of multi-agent systems, the need for development tools and platforms capable of supporting "professional" or "industrial strength" MAS development has only increased. Such languages and tools must be developed in a way that is principled and and at the same time practical. ProMAS aims to address both theoretical and practical issues related to developing and deploying multi-agent systems.

Now in its 10th edition, ProMAS has proved to be an invaluable venue for bringing together leading researchers from both academia and industry to discuss issues in the design of programming languages and tools for multi-agent systems. In particular, the workshop promotes the discussion and exchange of ideas concerning the techniques, concepts, requirements, and principles that are important for multi-agent programming technology. These include the theory and applications of agent programming languages, how to effectively implement a multi-agent system specification or design, the verification and analysis of agent systems, as well as the implementation of social structures in agent-based systems (e.g., organisations, coordination, and communication in multi-agent systems).