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Call for Papers

We encourage the submission of papers describing proposals for programming languages and tools that provide specific programming constructs to facilitate the implementation of multi-agent system concepts (e.g., mental attitudes, distribution, and social interaction). We also welcome submissions describing significant multi-agent applications, as well as agent programming tools that allow the integration of agents with legacy systems. We are particularly interested in approaches or applications that show clearly the added-value of multi-agent programming, and explain why and how this technology should be adopted by designers and programmers both in academia and industry.

Topics of Interest

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Programming languages, models and abstractions for MAS

- Extensions of traditional languages for multi-agent programming

- Programming mobile agents

- Semantics for multi-agent programming languages

- Computational complexity of MAS

- Algorithms, techniques, or protocols relevant to multi-agent programming (e.g., coordination, cooperation, negotiation)

- Agent communication issues in multi-agent programming

- Programming social, organizational, and normative aspects of MAS

- Interoperability and standards for MAS

- Safety and security for mobile MAS deployment

- Fault tolerance and load balancing for mobile MAS

- Generic tools and infrastructures for multi-agent programming

- High-level executable multi-agent specification languages

- Formal methods and tools for specification and verification of MAS

- Agent/environment/interaction/organization development tools and platforms

- Benchmarks and testbeds for comparing multi-agent programming languages and tools

- Applications of multi-agent programming languages including: legacy systems, pervasive applications, multi-robot systems, autonomous software (e.g., UAVs), (Semantic) Web and Grid-based applications, and deployed (industrial-strength) multi-agent systems

- Integration of multi-agent and mainstream technologies